ISSN (Print): 2302-934X
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URL: http://journal.unimal.ac.id/miej

Malikussaleh Industrial Engineering established to provide space publish, place for share of the new findings from research results of researchers, academics, scientists, and practitioners who related with the scope of Economics, management, business, global economics, global business, industrial, organization, finance Investment, marketing, and managerial.

Malikussaleh Industrial Engineering is peer reviewed journal published twice per year through OJS version (full online) and open access for all, published in June and December each year.

Each article submitted by the authors should follow the style and format provided, and should be in Indonesian or English, the article will be examined in advance by the Editorial Board with due regard to the scope, style, plagiarism, and with regard to the element of conformity with the format and guidelines for author. If disqualified paper, then it will be returned to the author via OJS account and email. And  If otherwise qualified paper, then the article will be forwarded to 2 Reviewers to be analyzed for 3 Weeks. The result of the reviewer will be returned to the author to be followed up. The qualified paper will be published in English or Indonesian.

Authors who wish to submit articles must register on the site. Click here for registration and choose as author, or can be also send your article to email: miej.unimal@gmail.com cc to tgk_sayuti@yahoo.co.uk

This journal has been published since 2012 with a print ISSN: ISSN :2302 934X, and starting in 2017 will be published by online version with Open Journal System (full OJS).

Currently, this journal still in the process of e-ISSN proposed and the process of indexation.


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