Upaya Indonensia Memenangkan Bisnis Di ASEAN (Dengan Pendekatan Analisis SWOT)

Sabri Sabri


Free trade is not confined to ASEAN, but between the countries in the world. Economic globalization and the free market system the world put Indonesia part of the system. At the ASEAN level competition alone, we should really ready, let alone to face world competition. Mentally strong and tough is needed businesses to be able to face the competition. If mental businessman who owned half and half, they will experience a lot of trouble. ASEAN market is very broad, competitive and multi-language concept , it must make the business much more expert in business and communication skills. Indonesia has prepared a strategy in winning the business, namely: Improving the investment climate and institutional strengthening. Preparation in various sectoral level. Safety measure market domestic products. Strengthening global competitiveness, and. Strengthening of the most important sectors that export .

Keywords : Business, ASEAN, Competence, Investment, Global

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