Manajemen Pengelolaan Kelas pada Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Tangan-tangan Kabupaten Aceh Barat

Sayni Nasrah


Teaching management plays an important role on process of teaching component in improving the quality of education that is required creativity to find new methods and strategies in order to create a situation of effective teaching and learning, creative and fun in the classroom. This research concerns the problem of  how  the Teaching management plays of classroom teachers at MIN Tangan-Tangan ABDYA, based on the characteristics of creative teacher namely: a background reading is quite spacious, curiosity, have the imagination, is able to create combinations / variations, respond to questions and tend give more answers, take risks, assess skills (evaluation). Subjects in this study is a classroom teacher at MIN Tangan-Tangan ABDYA. The data collection is done by using observation and interviews. Data were analyzed descriptively. The results showed that: (1) From the observed teacher meets the criteria of creative, by making props such as cardboard, stones and sticks. Using local languages for suppression material, interspersed with stories, sing and motivate students. (2) The efforts of teachers to foster student creativity can be considered good. It is shown the efforts of teachers to motivate students to have a spirit in learning.  In managing the classroom teacher has been successful, In granting the award / reward teachers reward was varied and of itself would be able to foster students' creativity.

Keywords: Implementation Teaching Management

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